Workshop 2015 November

Revised schedule

This workshop is show & working together Gouache & ink resist technique.

Date:   Nov. 2nd, 16th,  23rd and 30th.  Monday 6PM-8:30PM
           Total of 4   3 classes  (2.5hours each evening. )

* if you need to set up other day, please let me know.  If I have more then 5 people, I am able to set up other workshop date.

Cost:   $180.$140 /parson (No TAX)   * Including paper & ink
Location:  Fernwood village area.
                    Parking is available(Free) 
Max 8 students  (min 5)
Plan: The first Class Day one: introduction.
                    Day 2-4: Complete one painting at end of the class.

Please send email or send message from this web site for registration and any questions.  

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